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  • Rick Mohr

    Rick Mohr, the Owner of Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane, purchased the dealership on January 3rd of 2004. Prior to owning the Ford dealership in Eau Claire, Rick was a Co-General Manager over five dealerships in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He said, "We had 52 Sales Consultants with Ford, Saturn, Pontiac, Cadillac, and two used car dealerships." Now, as the owner of Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane, Rick said the dealership sets itself apart because, "We are a customer-focused, high-volume dealership, with a one-price, no-haggle philosophy." When asked what his favorite vehicle on the lot is, he gave an answer reminiscent of Henry Ford, and said, "I like all of the black ones!" In his free time, Rick enjoys golfing with friends and boating with his wife.

  • Michael Newton
    General Manager

    Michael Newton is from Roberts, Wisconsin and is now the General Manager at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane. Michael decided to come to the dealership because it was recommended to him by a friend. When asked what his favorite thing about the dealership is, Mike stated, "the people." He enjoys fishing, reading, hunting, and the Green Bay Packers.

  • Benjamin Lindberg
    General Sales Manager

    Benjamin Lindberg began at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane in the spring of 2015. One of the things he enjoys about his job is helping people find the right vehicle to match their needs, and seeing the smile on their face when they drive away. When asked what sets Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane apart as a dealership, he said, "Our honesty and transparency with our customer's." He continued by saying, " We make sure everyone enjoys a relaxed shopping experience with our Best Price available to everyone without the hassle of negotiating." Benjamin's favorite vehicle at the dealership is the Ford F-150 Platinum that's sitting on the show floor. He says he likes all the "bells and whistles" that come with the truck. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys golfing and being out on the water. 

  • Adam Olmstead
    Business Manager

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    About Adam: Adam Olmstead is from Cameron, Wisconsin, and is now a Business Manager at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane. Adam loves the Ford product lineup, the customer loyalty, and the family environment at the dealership. "I love helping people buy cars more than anything out there," Adam explained, "This is what I was born to do." He also stated, "The Business Manager, Adam, is super awesome," and mentioned that he decided to come to Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane because of the fireplace in the customer lounge. Aside from cozy fires and speaking in the third person, Adam enjoys fishing, hunting, bowling, golfing, and spending time with his family.

  • Matt Ferrin
    Business Manager

    Matt Ferrin joined the Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane team in January of 2017. Matt was born in the Chicago area and moved to Mosinee, Wisconsin during his youth. Later, he graduated from Kettle Moraine in Wales, Wisconsin. Now he resides in Chippewa Falls. When asked what his favorite thing about the dealership is, he said, "The people!" He also likes the "state of the art facility that is a one-stop shop for all our guests' needs." Matt said, "I love the opportunity to meet people from all over and assist them in their purchase, getting to know them as much as I can, and knowing we have a relationship for life!" In his free time, Matt enjoys darts, golf, and football. Since Matt is from the Chicago area, he said, "I love the Cubs! I try to watch, and go to, as many games as I can!" He is also proud to say, "I'm the only one in my family that can cook minute rice in 55 seconds."

  • Dale Winistorfer
    Sales Manager

    Dale Winistorfer is from Stratford, Wisconsin and is a Sales Manager at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane. When asked why he decided to come to the dealership, Dale said, "I have always had a passion for cars, ever since I owned my first car, a 1967 Mustang. I decided to sell cars because of this." Dale also enjoys wood working, fishing, and spending time with his wife, grandson, and family.

  • Jason Balk
    Special Finance Manager

    Jason Balk is from the small town of Gilmanton, Wisconsin and is now a Special Finance Manager at the dealership. Jason was introduced to the car industry for a short time and liked it. After taking time away to get married, he wanted to give it a second try and he chose, Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane. Jason enjoys the atmosphere and the people at the dealership. His other interests include music, movies, people, and social commerce. He considers himself a little bit of a technology geek and he loves to see new products that are coming out.

  • Jeremiah Phillips
    Sales Manager

  • Scott Eisold
    Sales Manager

  • McKayla Zoromski
    BDC Manager

    McKayla Zoromski grew up and went to school in Thorp, Wisconsin. She later moved to Eau Claire to attend the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she earned a Bachelors degree in Marketing and a certificate in Business Communication. Now, McKayla is working in the Business Development Center at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane and began in December of 2016. She said, "Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. It's been great getting to know everyone!" In her free time McKayla enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Roxy. She also enjoys playing piano, crafting, doing house projects, and traveling.

  • Jack Bergeman
    Sales Consultant

    Jack Bergeman, also known as "Bergie," began at the dealership in March of 2010. When asked what he enjoys about his job, he said, "the people." Bergie has worked with many different people during his time at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane and even earned the award of Sales Consultant of the year for his third consecutive year in 2015. Bergie said his age and the fact that he is a 6th generation Chippewa Falls native are a couple things that set him apart as a Sales Consultant. His favorite vehicle at the dealership is the Ford-150, and said, "What else is there?" In his free time, Bergie enjoys working at his cabin with food plots, trails, deer stands, and more. He also enjoys hunting and fishing. Bergie also mentioned that he has a wife that has "put up" with him for 45 years, a son and daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren.

  • Mark Grill
    Sales Consultant

    Mark Grill began at the dealership in May of 2014. Mark enjoys helping customers find the perfect vehicle. He also enjoys working with his fellow employees. When asked what sets Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane apart as a dealership, Mark explained that this dealership is a "Best Price Store" and that it's important to put the customers first. He also mentioned, "The Mohr family has been great to work for, for the last two years." When asked what sets him apart as a Sales Consultant, Mark explained that he feels he is a low pressure Sales Consultant, and he is well-liked by his customers. Two of his favorite vehicles at the dealership are the F-150 and the Mustang GT. He said the F-150 is "the best truck on the road" and the Mustang "has great power and is very fun to drive." In his free time, Mark enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, and spending time with his family.

  • Mike Wiseman
    Sales Consultant

    Mike Wiseman is from Superior, Wisconsin and is now a Sales Consultant at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane. Mike decided to come to Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane because he wanted to be a part of the new, growing, dealership as he watched the changes that were happening when Rick and Sherry bought the store. Mike likes that the dealership is a fun place to work, and he values the opportunities that he has to make real connections with his customers. He enjoys working with his customers, and getting to know them and their families. During the summer months, Mike loves to play golf, and in the winter he enjoys racquetball. He also enjoys running throughout the entire year.

  • Martin Salgado
    Sales Consultant (Hablo Español)

    Martin was born in Iguala Gro, Mexico and moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin in February of 1998. He heard about Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane, and thought it would be a great company to work for. He said that it's a "friendly environment." Martin enjoys dancing and reading, and also has an interest in soccer.

  • Dennis Ogren
    Sales Consultant

    Dennis worked with small and medium sized business Owners/Presidents as a management consultant for 24 years. He has traveled to 29 different states, Canada, and Mexico. He's driven 1.4 million miles and flown several hundred thousand miles. Dennis has spent most of his life in the Eau Claire area, now lives in Altoona, and is a Sales Consultant at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane. He says he's "been bless with 2 sons, 3 daughters, 14 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren." He's driven Fords from 1958 to 1994, and Lincolns from 1994 to present, making it an easy choice for what he wanted to sell. Dennis enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. He also says that he thoroughly enjoys meeting and spending time with people from other parts of the world. He loves seeing places and things that he's heard, and read, about. He also enjoys cooking and meal preparation at church.

  • Alec Popp
    Sales Consultant

    Alec Popp is from Cornell, Wisconsin and joined the team as a Sales Consultant in November of 2016. Alec said, his favorite quality of the dealership is, "The honesty that we portray to all of our customers." In his free time, Alec enjoys reading business books and learning so he can constantly better serve each of his customers. Alec noted, "I am also married to my beautiful wife Brianna. Most of our time is spent drinking coffee and talking about how we can, and are, accomplishing our goals." Alec also said he and his wife enjoy, "Taking short trips to visit places that we both enjoy. Finding new places to visit is a joy of both of ours."

  • Scott Phillips
    Sales Consultant

    Scott Phillips is from Greenville, South Carolina and joined the Sales team at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane in March of 2017. The people are what Scott likes most about the dealership, and he said, "everyone is very friendly and welcoming." Scott said one of the best parts of his job is helping people find a vehicle they're excited to own. In his free time Scott enjoys following Packers football. He also said, "I enjoy following the Atlanta Braves and, my alma mater, Kansas State." Scott also mentioned, "I must have coffee in the morning, I like the color blue, and I'm very allergic to guinea pigs." Welcome to the team, Scott!

  • Brady Rassbach
    Sales Consultant

    Brady Rassbach is from Glenwood City, Wisconsin and has lived in Menomonie since 2008. He began at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane in April of 2017, and enjoys the friendly atmosphere of the dealership. As a Sales Consultant, Brady enjoys learning about all the new vehicles. Outside of the dealership, Brady enjoys basketball, football, volleyball at the lake, and bean bags. In his free time, he also enjoys going up north, playing videos games, and playing with his kids and 100-pound yellow lab.

  • Robert Bourget
    Sales Consultant

    Robert Bourget is from Menomonie, Wisconsin and began at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane as a Sales Consultant in March of 2017. Rob's favorite quality of the dealership is the "No haggle, no hassle" way of doing business. He also appreciates the "Best Price" philosophy of the dealership and the integrity of the employees. Rob enjoys being around the large variety of vehicles each day and said, "there's always something new to learn!" In his free time, Rob likes playing video games, tinkering with his remote control vehicles, and reading. He concluded by saying, "I am excited to have started my career with Eau Claire Ford, and look forward to meeting more of the community!"

  • Kate Mahlum
    Sales Consultant

    Kate Mahlum is from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and began at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane in July of 2017. As a Sales Consultant at the dealership, Kate likes the opportunity to connect with each guest. She also loves her coworkers! In her free time, Kate enjoys fencing, reading, eating as much sushi as possible, quoting "The Office," and exploring the nearby forests.

  • Robert Foss
    Sales Consultant

  • Adam Rocksvold
    Sales Consultant

  • Michael West
    Sales Consultant

  • Dan Huettel
    Sales Consultant

  • Eric Foster
    Sales Consultant

  • Dustin McFadzen
    BDC Sales

    Dustin McFadzen is from Waukesha, Wisconsin and originally began at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane in November of 2014. He rejoined the team as a Sales Consultant in September of 2016, and is now the BDC Coordinator. Dustin said that he loves the new facility and the people he works with. He also mentioned that he's a Packers fan, he enjoys camping, he has a kitten named Tony, and he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Jenny.

  • Marina Seehaver
    BDC Rep

  • Brian Szymanski
    Marketing Assistant

    Brian Szymanski is a Marketing Assistant at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane and began in May of 2015 after completing his degree in Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Brian was born and raised in Eau Claire and is happy to be working for a business in his home town. He also enjoys being around cars, so having the opportunity to see the latest vehicles makes working at the dealership even more enjoyable. In his free time, Brian enjoys roller skating and spending time with his wife, family, and friends. He also has a strong interest in business, marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship.

  • Saint Lindberg
    Dealership Double Doodle

    Saint is a Double Doodle from Blair, Wisconsin. Saint decided to come to Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane because she saw it as a great opportunity to begin her career at the young age of eight weeks. She also thought it would be a great place to nap all day. Saint's favorite things about the dealership are, the outstanding napping locations, the friendly people, and the shoes underneath Keena Mohr's desk. Saint enjoys the prestige associated with being a part of a great auto dealer in Eau Claire. In her free time, she enjoys running around outside, and spending time with her adoptive parents, Keena and Benjamin. One day, Saint hopes to learn how to be a hunting dog and to continue growing her already impressive automotive career.